Citroen to race C5 in the unmistakeably German DTM?

Citroen C5

The German Touring Car Championship (DTM) has been crying out for another manufacturer entrant ever since Opel withdrew at the end of 2005 and took all their cars with them.

Now Audi and Mercedes might finally have a rival - and a non-German one at that. Citroen Sport team boss Olivier Quesnel has threatened to take his team out of the World Rally Championship at the end of 2009 and switch to the German touring car series.

Citroen rallies its C4 in the WRC and has enjoyed a string of championship wins. But the media profile of the championship has plunged in recent years and Citroen’s star driver, Sebastien Loeb, may not stay around much longer.

Citroen’s advertising campaign for the C5 revolves around how it matches its German competitors on quality:

So the DTM would make an entirely suitable arena for it to compete in. It’s not a bad looking car either, and a racy DTM version would be a very tasty proposition.

The last time I remember there being serious discussion about DTM getting a new manufacturer entrant was MG back in 2005. The concept sketches looked good but unfortunately the company went bust:

MG DTM sketch 2005

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